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The point is that we have all discovered our sexuality and genitalia at a young age. Parenting What I'm Really Thinking Read more from Women. I can remember her doing it in her high chair and she also does it in her car seat. David Coleman Twitter Email. Occasional masturbation, like this, is also completely normal. Is it to do with pure habit?

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I should really go to sleep, it's late and l have 2 essays tomorrow My urge to masturbate and shitpost:

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Linking the "private" nature of her genitals to the need to keep any touching of these parts equally private will help your daughter to understand a consistent message. Others write about enjoying the jet streams of a jacuzzi, and masturbating at an early age. Funny, Money, and Mother: Memes, Shit, and Text: Funny, Powerful, and Witches: Parenting What I'm Really Thinking

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  1. Exactly. Far too many of the matures and moms are actresses still in their 20's. AJ is very nice.