He deleted his dating profile for me

The best things about dating apps are their convenience and the grocery store equivalent of shopping while hungry. Why are you deleting your profiles? Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! It could have nothing to do with you. On one hand, I feel like it was a slightly tipsy invite, on the other hand if he was okay with me meeting his friends, does that mean something? I told him my name and that I wouldn't be having sex with him on that date, or the second, or the third if he didn't already find me too easy to come back and date again. He took a while to reply most of the time but I sent quick replies I was bored—and I did tell him that.

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Just send him and email just to say a quick hello and then see if he replies.

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Why did he delete his dating profile after meeting me?

That establishes you as being controlling, and makes you seem like the kind of girl who would regularly withhold sex because your boyfriend wasn't perfect. It would really be better for two people to never look at one another's profiles once they start dating, there's too much room for over-analysis. Like all women, I got many likes and messages. Guess I need to work on my restraint and willpower. There was also a pathological liar who fibbed about his international travels how could he go from LA to Peru to Paris in a day? I deleted my OKCupid account immediately after recording the episode.

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he deleted his dating profile for me
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he deleted his dating profile for me
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