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Even worse not only did he have these thoughts about the strangers he came across, he even had these thoughts about the females who were part of his life, his sisters geeky redhead friend Harper, his own sexy 15 year old sister Alex, and even his hot tex-mex mother Theresa with her fantastic big boobies. He did peak under the door and could see her jeans and panties down at her ankles, and then heard her pissing a stream into the bowl which was kind of horny, however from his angle on the floor he couldn't she her pussy at all. He followed Harper into the ladies room half expecting someone to scream at the boy in the ladies room, there was a girl at the sink and she didn't react. Although he had never been a very good wizard student he was finding that his inability to concentrate on anything other than his own hard-ons was making him even worse than usual. Went on a date with semi-famous photographer does nudes and landscapes. Jane Fonda is a bad person?

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Once he had even hidden a video camera in the bathroom hoping to be able to film her nude and showering, but she had actually put her top over the towel pile where he had hidden the camera and although he could hear her showering in the video he didn't get to see anything.

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Wizards of Waverly Place (2007-2012) Nude Scenes

He seemed to be okay with the changeling spells were he could turn himself into an animal or an insect, and he thought about maybe turning himself into a fly or spider and hiding in the bathroom like that. When he went back into the Sub-station he looked around and noticed an older woman mids with particularly large breasts and a low-cut top, so he stood close behind her and leant over getting an amazing view of her cleavage. Normally after her shower morning and night Alex would walk from the bathroom to her bedroom wrapped only in a towel. He was married to the same woman his whole adult life and had a family including a son who is an actor. He spent a couple of days practicing it, and when he thought he had it perfected he decided to try it out in the Sub-Station. He went up to his father and waved his hands in front of his face with no reaction.

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wizard of waverl place nude
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