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I believe men like back door sex because a woman's vagina is too stretched out for them. Black men also have an animal attraction to white women but let us not mistake it for love or real relationships. I married and born my black man several children. I used to worship white women from the media brainwashing we receive from childhood. A few of them manage to convince themselves that they are not. White women are professional opportunists. They seemed more feminine and dainty until I met plenty that were not.

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There is perfect evolution for us well endowed men and they are the queens of anal without a doubt.

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I married and born my black man several children. And also, I have tried anal myself. I really can't tell. When a black man falls, not in love with a white woman, but in lust with her freaky sex which is unavailable from most black women he has basically sold his soul to the devil. No most black women will not have a threesome or a gangbang with your buddies but white women will, especially after drinking or taking prescription pain pills.

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